Concerning Pantheist Practice

So I started this blog partly to share what I was learning and record my spiritual development, but also as a way to explore possible spiritual practices.

I believe that Pantheists have a lot to learn from many different spiritual and philosophical traditions in regards to practices.

Here are a few examples of useful spiritual practices –

Journaling/ self reflection. This is a practice taken from Stoicism (a pantheist philosophy itself). The idea is to reflect daily on all that we said and did, to learn from them and to look at how we can live better, more virtuous lives the next day. It is a means of self improvement.

Meditation. This is obviously from eastern traditions like Buddhism. Buddhism teaches many different types of Meditation, including Metta (loving kindness meditation) and Breathe meditations. It can help us to better live in the present, to be calmer and more aware of the world. Science is finding fascinating things out by studying the brain of people meditating.

Tai Chi. This is a practice from Taoism. It is a very slow and easy exercise to do, but it brings with it many health benefits while simultaneously giving us the chance to meditate and be aware.

Seasonal Celebrations. This is mainly from Paganism. The eight fold year, celebrating the solar calendar of the solstices and equinoxes, the agricultural calendar (1st Feb, May, Aug, Nov) and possibly the lunar calendar. These celebrations help us to attune ourselves to the natural cycle of nature.

Walking in Nature/ Observing. This is probably more from Naturalism/ Science. This has many benefits – it connects us with nature, it provides the benefit of physical exercise. It helps us become aware of the changing world around us. It teaches us about the world.

How about you? What spiritual practices do you have? How do they benefit you?


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