Daily Thanksgivings

Having studied Judaism, one of the aspects of it that fascinated me the most was the art of daily blessings. In Judaism, people say blessings for many different daily tasks and this helps to remind them that all things are sacred in life, even the most mundane areas of life. For example, there are short blessings to say when waking up, eating, washing, going to bed and even when going to the loo. I wonder whether we as Pantheists could learn from this and create our own Thanksgivings that we say when we do different things each day and in that way it would help to keep the sacredness of daily life at the forefront of our minds. So here’s a few times we could say thanks….

Waking up

Having a wash/ bath or shower

Getting dressed

Going to the toilet



Seeing an awe-inspiring sight

Leaving the house

Entering the house

Greeting a friend

Leaving a friend

Getting undressed

Going to bed

There are probably many more but that’s the one’s I’ve thought of so far. Perhaps they could begin with the words “Thanks be to Mother Nature for….” I haven’t got any further in exploring this idea but these are some of my preliminary thoughts and hopefully I’ll expand them more in future posts.


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