Naturalistic Pantheism and Druidry

Druidry is both an ancient and modern spiritual path that appeals to me more than most others. I am currently studying a lot about this path and how it might fit into a Naturalistic Pantheist worldview. I will be writing about my thoughts and discoveries more in upcoming posts.

So what is Druidry?

The most common interpretation of the word “Druid” itself  is that it comes from two ancient British words, “dru” meaning “oak” and “wid” meaning “wisdom.” So, the word implies somone who is wise in the ways of nature.

Little is known about the ancient Druids because they were forbidden to write things down. What little is known is recorded either centuries later or by their enemies. After Christianity conquered Britain and Europe, the Druid tradition died out. However, in the 18th Century it enjoyed a renaissance and has continued until this day. They were the priestly cast of the ancient Celtic world. They were split into three types – Bard (poets, storytellers, musicians), Ovates (healers and seers) and Druids (judges, priests, teachers, political advisors). It would take 20 years to study to become a full Druid beginning with learning the Bardic arts and progressing from there.

While ancient Druids were probably animistic, polytheistic and probably pantheistic, modern Druidry is non dogmatic on such issues, allowing a range of views and beliefs. However there are some principles of Druidry around which all Druids can unite and seek to foster within themselves –

  • Love of the Land, the Earth, the Wild ~ reverence for Nature.

  • Love of Peace ~ Druids were traditionally peace-makers.

  • Love of Beauty ~ The Druid path cultivates the Bard, the Artist Within, and fosters creativity.

  • Love of Justice ~ Druids were judges and law-makers. Traditionally Druids are interested in restorative, not punitive, justice.

  • Love of Story and Myth ~ Druidry recognises and uses the power of mythology and stories.

  • Love of History and Reverence for the Ancestors ~ Druidry recognizes the forming power of the Past.

  • Love of Trees ~ Druids today plant trees and Sacred Groves, and study treelore.

  • Love of Stones ~ Druids today build stone circles and collect stones.

  • Love of Truth ~ Druid Philosophy is a quest for Wisdom.

  • Love of Animals ~ Druidry sees animals as sacred, and teaches sacred animal lore.

  • Love of the Body ~ Druidry sees the body and sexuality as sacred.

  • Love of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Sky ~ Druid Starlore, embodied in the old stories and in the stone circles, teaches a love for the Universe.

  • Love of Each Other ~ Druidry fosters the magic of relationships, of community.

  • Love of Life ~ Druidry encourages celebration and full commitment to life. It is not a spirituality that wants us to escape from life.

The brilliant video below explains Druid Spirituality very well….

For more information on Druidry, check out these sites – – Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids – The Druid Network – The New Order of Druids


12 thoughts on “Naturalistic Pantheism and Druidry

    • Hey, no its not Annika, you don’t know me, although I do find a lot of your stuff on the humanistic paganism blog interesting and I agree with a lot of it. I consider myself a Naturalistic Pantheist in worldview (along the lines of the WPM) but see a Naturalistic Paganism/ Druidry as a good starting point for a religious practice.

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