Our Common Creation Myth

Every culture has a Creation Myth e.g. the biblical 6 day creation story. Myths are very important for humans – they help us to orientate ourselves in the bigger picture, they give our lives meaning, they show us who we are, where we came from and where we are going. They act as a grand narrative, an overarching story to explain life. Without them we wander aimlessly and without identity.

Today our world is going through a radical change as various disciplines of science undermine and destroy creation myths that humanity has believed for thousands of years….But something equally exciting is happening – a new Creation Myth is being created – a new story is being discovered, one based on facts and one that is even more inspiring and amazing as those that we are losing – I am referring of course to the Epic of Evolution. Also known as Big History, the Great Story, the Universe Story or Cosmic Evolution, it explains the story of the universe from the Big Bang through the creation of stars and galaxies to the creation of earth, life and evolution and finally to humanity and our cultural evolution. It is the common and true “Creation Myth” of the whole of humanity and forms the basis of the Naturalistic Pantheist worldview.

Below is a video explaining the story –

For more information about the Epic of Evolution please visit the following –




Be inspired.

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