Symphony of Science – Our Biggest Challenge

As Naturalistic Pantheists we see the Earth as Sacred. Right now, humanity is changing the climate through global warming. Our unsustainable economic practices, treating the earth as a resource to be conquered and used for our own selfish ends, is the key cause of this. Below is the latest Symphony of Science video, which is about climate change.

Pantheists see Nature as divine and as such, there is a duty upon us to do what we can to preserve, look after and protect the earth and all its living beings. For me, that has meant becoming vegan, getting rid of my car and using the bus instead, recycling, taking a reusable bag to the supermarket when I shop and making sure I don’t leave electrical appliances on when they aren’t in use. Those are just a few possibilities. What are you doing as a Pantheist to help the earth? Can you do one thing this week to “go green?”


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