Naturalistic Pantheism and Monty Python

Ok, its comedy time for Naturalistic Pantheists. If you’re British you’ll have no doubt heard of the Monty Python series. In one of the films called “The Meaning of Life” there is a brilliant video called “The Galaxy Song” which is quite funny but explains a lot of the facts about the universe in a musical way. Take a listen.

One of the actors in the film, Gene Wilder, also stars in the Roald Dahl film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and sings a song which I think appeals to Pantheism, especially the lyrics “If you want to view paradise. Simply look around and view it.” Below is a video of that song set to pictures from the Hubble Telescope.



One thought on “Naturalistic Pantheism and Monty Python

  1. Isn’t that funny. I wrote about that same concept of perspectivism just the other day… peculiar how when I have a moment to wander thru the blogosphere I find so many common threads cropping up at the same time. Thank you for reminding me of the Monty Python — I have always loved their irreverent wisdom. 😉

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