A Prayer to Mother Nature

Here is a prayer I’ve written to Mother Nature, inspired from prayers I’ve found around the internet…

“Mother Nature, sacred source of all life,

Who is both the starry heavens and the fruitful earth,

I gaze upon your beauty in wonder and awe,

Your presence is everywhere.

Creator, preserver and eternal renewer,

From whom I was born and to whom I shall return,

May I live my life in reverence, gratitude and awareness.

May I harm not the delicate web of existence,

But help to heal and strengthen it.

You who feed and nourish me,

Showering me with your abundant gifts,

I honour and praise you now,

And vow to walk according to your ways,

For all the days of my life.

In love and peace,




5 thoughts on “A Prayer to Mother Nature

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  2. This made me cry! I’m getting married and I am trying to write my vows.

    I have also found someone to marry my partner and I that wont do it in the traditionally Christian sense but in a naturalistic way.

    I’m going to say your prayer at my wedding if that is ok with you?

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