Hindu Pantheism

Pantheism is a wide ranging philosophy found in many world religions, but perhaps none more strongly than in eastern religions like Hinduism. Hinduism take a Classical Pantheist rather than Naturalistic Pantheist viewpoint but it is interesting and informative. Here are two video’s about Pantheism from a Hindu perspective….


5 thoughts on “Hindu Pantheism

  1. I am interested in what the difference if any you feel there is between monism and pantheism? I tend to think of Hinduism as monism -we are all one, to which I personally subscribe. Pantheism says something similar. I have been trying to figure the subtleties out.

      • Not necessarily, I would say I was a monist and a pantheist. I’m monist because I think there is only one underlying substance of the universe i.e. energy/matter. And I am a pantheist because I believe the universe is worthy of reverence, awe and wonder. For me divinity is not about something being supernatural, its about something being greater than myself and having some of the attributes people ascribe to their gods e.g. powerful, majestic, eternal, awe-inspiring, creative, destructive e.t.c.

      • NICE ONE! OK, you are a KEEPER. Well thought out, loving it. Love how you describe things. Bliss. (I adore people who can go deeper into what they say. I love people I can learn from.)

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