The Toteg Tribe

Have you heard of the Toteg Tribe? They are a relatively new spiritual group with roots in Shamanism and Animism. Their tenets really appeal to me as a positive way of life for Animists and Pantheists, and their emphasis on just getting out in nature and learning our spirituality directly from it rather than from books or the internet seems very sensible.


They have a series of tenets which I’ve reproduced here…

  • We are Toteg Tribe
  • We know that all things are children of the Earth Mother and Sky Father and thus we are all related.
  • We learn the lessons Mother Earth teaches us through the languages of our brothers and sisters; all that breathes, swims, flies, moves, grows, changes and exists.
  • We aspire to walk in balance on Mother Earth and live in harmony with all that is.
  • We remember to speak with respect with all things.
  • We honour and respect all of our ancestors: physical, cultural and spiritual.
  • We listen with consideration to those who choose to share their wisdom with us, and respect their rights to do so in their own way, in their own time.
  • We invoke the power of spirit for our own dreams and visions for the guidance of ourselves and our tribe.
  • We respect your right to follow your own vision.
  •  We seek to find correctness, good judgement, learning and knowledge in all things.
  • We practice personal responsibility in our daily lives.

They emphasise honouring our ancestors, treating all life forms in nature with respect and shamanistic practices like meditation and dream work. Their specific focus is on connecting with the local land and region one lives in. Not everything they suggest can fit in with a Naturalistic Pantheist framework, but I do believe there is much that we can learn from them. To finish this post, I want to quote from one of the pages on their website. It is the words from an Native American in response to the question of how we can develop spiritually…. “if you or other white folks are really serious about our spirituality, you won’t go asking me, or us, or anyone else about what we believe, our ceremonies, our regalia, and stuff. Instead you will go out into the woods and talk to the sky, the earth, the rocks, the rivers and the streams. And LISTEN to the answers, and listen to your ancestors. Only then will you start the long path to healing.” Wise words!

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