As we approach Yule, its good to think about what we might want to do next year to help Mother Nature. One wonderful thing to do is to adopt. No, I don’t mean adopt children or a new pet. I’m talking about adopting a place. Each of us could choose to adopt a local piece of land that we feel a deep connection to and then look after that land. It could be a local park, a beach, a river, a grass verge on the roadside, a woodland area or simply a wild area that’s been neglected. It should have nature there – plants, animals e.t.c. We could make a personal decision to take it under our wing and work to protect and help that piece of land, to help the creatures that call it home and to report problems that effect it. It might involve clearing litter, reporting any issues to a local authority, finding out if any groups currently maintain it and offering to volunteer, and writing letters to the local paper about the place. It should also be used as part of our spiritual practice e.g. doing rituals in that place, using things we find in that place in ritual if we are doing it at home, bringing offerings for the creatures that live there and so on. There are many other things we could do too. What do you think?


English: Prosopis pallida (beach clean up). Lo...

Location: Maui, Kanaha Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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