Ritual and Yule

With Yule fast approaching, I have written a Solstice Ritual to do at the hour of the Solstice (11.12am) on Friday. I use the format found on my Ritual page and then add to the “Explanation” and “Workings” parts to create a ritual customised to the season. I was inspired by a poem in the Solstice Ritual of Allergic Pagan so have used that as part of mine too….

When it reaches the “Explanation” section, I do the following…

Say: “As I stand here on this celebration of Yule, the sacred wheel of the year has turned once again and it is now midwinter. As my forebears did, I do now, and so may my descendants do in time to come. It is the Solstice, the longest night and shortest day. Today I celebrate the return of the Sun. Since the summer, it has gradually become colder and darker, but from this time forwards, the days shall get longer and lighter and warmer again. The Solar year has run its course and completed its cycle and a new year begins, bringing light, life and hope to the earth.”

When it reaches the “Workings” section, I do the following….

Say: “Now in the darkness of winter, as the earth awaits the return of warmth and light, the Sun begins its journey home.”

Say: “At this threshold when all is quiet, I contemplate times past and times ahead.”

On one side of paper write negative things from past year you want to get rid of or bad things that happened in the past year. On the other side of the paper write goals for coming year.

Say: “I release what is past and welcome what is coming.”

Burn the paper and spend a few minutes in silence.

Raise arms.

Say: “Great Sol, I call upon you now. Return from the shadows this day and renew hope upon the earth. Return! Return! Return!”

Lower arms.

Say: “When the earth is barren, the light is reborn.
When the animals sleep, the light is reborn.
When the leaves have all fallen, the light is reborn.
When the rivers are frozen, the light is reborn.
When the shadows grow long, the light is reborn.
When warmth has fled, the light is reborn.
In the darkest night, the light is reborn.”

Say: “As my ancestors did, so I do now. At this sacred hour, I light the Yule Log and celebrate the rebirth of the Sun this Solstice day.”

Light Yule Log Candles.

Ring Bell.

Say: “The light of the Sun is returning to the world. Darkness will vanish and life will be renewed. Hail the rebirth of the Sun! Great Sol, I thank you and welcome you back. May you shine brightly upon the earth.”

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

Solstice sunrise over Stonehenge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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