Reviewing and Changing

As we reach the end of 2012, its time to review and make changes. As this is the 100th post, I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, linked to or reblogged posts, or commented on or liked any part of the site. Since starting in June, we have reached almost 50 followers, are regularly seeing over 1500 views per month and several posts have been featured on other blogs.

I’m looking forward to 2013 and aim to make this site even bigger and better than the past year. I am going to make some changes to the blog, starting with a new blog look and theme. I want to do more book reviews, poetry and develop the “ethics” section of the blog. I also hope to post not only on each of the eight festivals, but also focus much more on the phases of the moon too.

My intention is to blog more regularly and that will mean doing 4 posts per week. One of which will be some kind of picture and quote as I noticed that is popular with readers. This will probably happen on a Tuesday.

If anyone follows any Pagan blogs, you’ll probably have come across the Pagan Blog Project 2012 in which various bloggers do a post each week on a Friday, focused on a topic relating to their spiritual practice. Each fortnight would use a different letter of the alphabet (so the first two Fridays were ‘a’, the second two were ‘b’ and so on). I hope to do the same this year – so every Friday I shall do a post about spiritual practice in Paganism, Pantheism, Druidry or other earth based spiritual paths, all focused around a letter of the alphabet.

My third post each week will be on a Sunday. This post will consist of two sections – firstly what I have learned from observations in nature that week, and secondly, the two weekly facts (see the Path section).

Finally, I will do a fourth post each week. This will be random – a Symphony of Science video, some poetry, a post about a festival or the moon phase, another section on different philosophies or anything else I come across. This will happen on random days I expect.

Hopefully I will be able to keep to this plan. Anyway, that’s enough from me, so thank you once again to everyone who reads this blog and I wish you all a really happy new year for 2013.



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