A for Altar

This is the second week of the year long Pagan Blogging Project using a letter of the alphabet as inspiration for a blog post each Friday. This week is ‘A’ again (2 weeks per letter). This week the subject is Altar and I thought I’d show some photos of my altar at home that I use for daily rituals and to honour ancestors. The centre piece of the altar is a Bonsai Tree (unfortunately without any leaves at present) to represent interconnectedness and the world tree. On the left hand side are objects related to my ancestors – funeral programmes, dinosaurs, fossils e.t.c. There are many candles on the altar, including silver and gold candles (for sun and moon) and a big red candle to represent to element of fire. There is a chalice and a wooden bowl for offering food and drink. There is incense and some feathers to represent the element of Air, a bowl of shells and sea water to represent the element Water and bowls of sand and pebbles to represent the element Earth. Other objects on my altar include a bell to start and end ceremonies, my tarot cards, glitter for a stardust ceremony as well as other natural objects like Pine cones. Finally I have a spiral object in the centre which represents Mother Nature. There are still things I’d like to get for the Altar at some point – a goddess statue, a Buddha statue & a picture of the earth. As it comes to each festival or full moon, I also decorate the Altar with other objects related to the festival, usually things I find in nature or types of food.

So what are Altar’s for? Here’s some quick points –

1) Altars are spiritual places, places to do offerings, to meditate or show respect and veneration. They are the spiritual centre’s of our homes. And they are places to express outwardly, what is going on internally.

2) Altars are places to put sacred objects or objects that are significant to us. These objects should ideally be things found in nature, gifts or second hand objects rather than newly purchased.

3) Altars should change and evolve as the seasons change and your spiritual life evolves.

4) Altar’s should include key elements – in Druidry it is the Well, Fire and Tree. In Wicca it is Fire, Earth, Air & Water. I prefer to combine the two.

So here is a picture of my current Altar –




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