B is for Balance

For this third post in the Pagan Blogging Project, I wanted to look at the concept of Balance. As a Pantheist, I see nature as a unity, oneness, the all, the source, the impersonal ultimate, the underlying principle & order of the universe, but as OathBoundSecrets points out in a blog post this week – such a divinity is unknowable, but does manifest itself through duality. In other words – the oneness of the universe manifests itself in dualities and is experienced and understood through these. What do I mean by dualities – essentially it is the idea that everything in nature has two sides – positive and negative, birth and death, summer and winter, day and night, male and female, light and dark, hot and cold. We can know nature through these.


If we look at the concept of the Tao – the whole thing represents the Tao – but we see that it is made up of two aspects – the white side and the black side, which represent the complementary opposites of nature. And these aspects are always in balance – if one moves too far to the extreme, it comes back full circle to the other side. This leads to balance. Where there is balance, there is harmony. Where there is imbalance, there is chaos. This is true in nature and it is true within our own lives. Consider the example of the justice system – there are always two sides to every argument and only by listening to both sides can we able to fully understand all aspects of the situation in balance and come up with the fair and right answer. Balance is an underlying principle of the universe which allows all things to remain in harmony. If things get out of balance and chaotic, opposite forces in nature will counteract it to restore harmony. And this understanding is what leads us to the ethical principle of moderation in all things.


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