Celebrating the Full Moon – Cold Moon

Tonight is the first Full Moon of the year. In many ancient cultures, each moon of the year had a special name based on what was happening in nature at that point in time and I think it is useful for Naturalistic Pantheists to do the same. For that reason, I call tonight’s moon – Cold Moon. This is because January has been a very cold month and it is still very cold outside.

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....

Full Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In ancient times, the phases of the moon were used to help denote the passage of time, the weeks and months as they went by. I think it is useful for us nowadays to honour the moon, celebrating the full moon and being aware of which phase the moon is currently in. Each time I go outside and see the moon, I bow my head and say “Hail Luna, Queen of the Night Sky.” This helps me to remember and feel reverence for the way the moon effects our lives on earth, whether through the turning of the tides due to the pull of its gravity or the fact that it reflects the suns light to us in the darkness of the night sky.

The full moon can be celebrated in many ways. Perhaps the best thing to do is to go for a walk and look up at the moon. Go to a watersource if you can and watch the ebbing and flowing the tides, meditating on how the moon effects our lives. You could do a special ritual or place symbols of the moon on your altar e.g. white candles and mirrors. The Full Moon is a great time to look back on the last ‘lunar month’ (since the last full moon) and to look at what has gone well and what has gone badly, and also to look forward, learning from past mistakes and planning the month ahead. I also like to eat a meal using circular shaped foods on a full moon evening e.g fajitas or pizza, to honour the full moon. What about you? Do you celebrate the Full Moon, and if so how do you do it?

Short Full Moon Ritual

Do this ritual at Sunset, with your altar set up, your shoes off and silver & gold candles lit.

Begin by lighting the incense to purify your mind and create a spiritual atmosphere.

Wash your hands and face with water from your bowl.

Center yourself by firstly taking one step back, contemplating what you’re about to do for a few seconds and then stepping forward again.

Close your eyes and take 9 deep breaths.

Start the ritual by ringing a bell.

Say: “Tonight, I celebrate the first Full Moon of the year, the Cold Moon. Earth’s satellite is high above me, giving light in the dark night sky. It stands opposite the Sun this evening. I honour Luna, Queen of the Night Sky, silver lady who moves the waters and tides. May her light and wisdom guide me through the coming cycle.”

Light White Candle and say: “I light this candle to honour the Full Moon.”

Light White Candle

Pray the Mother Earth prayer –

Bow head and raise arms.

Say: “Mother Nature, sacred source of all life,

Who is both the starry heavens and the fruitful earth,

I gaze upon your beauty in wonder and awe,

Your presence is everywhere.

Creator, preserver and eternal renewer,

From whom I was born and to whom I shall return,

May I live my life in reverence, gratitude and awareness.

May I harm not the delicate web of existence,

But help to heal and strengthen it.

You who feed and nourish me,

Showering me with your abundant gifts,

I honour and praise you now;

And vow to walk according to your ways,

For all the days of my life.

In love and peace,


Raise head and lower arms.

Kneel on one knee with a hand on the ground or bend down and kiss the ground and say: “Praise be to Mother Earth.”

Say: “As I think back over the last lunar cycle, I have seen changes in my life….”

Say: “As I think back over the last lunar cycle, I am thankful because….”

Say: “As I look forward to the next cycle, I would like to change….”

Say: “As I look forward to the next cycle, I would like to accomplish….”

Hold up the Chalice with Milk/ Soy Milk in and say:  “Hail Luna, Queen of the Night Sky.”

Close eyes & take 3 deep breaths.

Ring bell.


7 thoughts on “Celebrating the Full Moon – Cold Moon

  1. Hmmm…I think, were I to name this lunar cycle, it would be Jellyfish Moon! They have been all over the place for the past several weeks.

    Its a lovely ritual! We don’t usually have a full moon ritual, though we have our own small-child-friendly recognition of the moon’s phases on a fairly regular basis, and on the full moon, we try to make bedtime story a lunar deity myth, along with reading one of our many outer space kiddy science books…which I think is really the perfect combo!

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