Imbolc and Ritual

Tomorrow evening is the start of Imbolc. I will be doing an Imbolc ritual at Sunset, using the format found on my Ritual page but adding to the “Explanation” and “Workings” parts to create a ritual customised to this time.

When it reaches the “Explanation” section, I do the following…

Say: “As I stand here on this celebration of Imbolc, the sacred wheel of the year continues to turn and spring begins again. As my forebears did, I do now, and so may my descendants do in time to come. It is the feast of the goddess Brigid, guardian of the hearth fire and protector of the home. Patron of poetry, healing and smithcraft. It is a time of awakening after the dark, cold slumber of winter. The sun has grown stronger and the days have grown longer and I see now the first signs of spring. Trees are beginning to bud, snowdrops are blossoming and animals are stirring from hibernation. The time of Oimelc has arrived – the ewe’s are pregnant, lambs are being born and milk is beginning to flow once more. Winter is over and I rejoice in the hope of the coming warmth.”

When it reaches the “Workings” section, I do the following….

Light Candle and say: “I light this candle now in thanksgiving to Brigid, the sacred hearth fires of my home. I celebrate the growing power of the sun and look forward in hope to the coming warmth of summer.

Garden with some tulips and narcissus

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