C is for Candlemaking

Imbolc is traditionally a time for making candles, so this weeks Pagan Blog Post will be about Candlemaking. Candles are very useful for a lot of different uses – lighting when there’s a power outage, decorating or putting on your altar. And making candles yourself is actually quite simple. You can use many different types of wax to make your candles, however to be environmentally friendly and not exploitative to animals, it is best to use Soy wax rather than paraffin wax or beeswax. Soy wax is a processed form of soybean oil and so there aren’t any bad environmental effects. It’s much cheaper to make your own candles that to buy them.

English: Handmade soy candles.

English: Handmade soy candles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To make candles requires the following equipment

– Wax

– Fragrance oil

– Dye/ Colouring

– Containers/ molds/ jars for the candles

– Heat source

– Saucepan (to melt the wax in)

– Thermometer

– Wick

– Wick Bar (to keep wick centred and straight – or could use popsicle stick)

– Glue Dac

– Scale

Many of these things will probably be found in a persons kitchen, however the wax, wick, wick bar, glue dac, fragrance oil and dye can be bought from most craft stores or ordered online.

To make three 8oz candles, follow these instructions –

1) Protect your workspace – put newspaper or foil down.

2) Put a saucepan (try to use one that isnt usually used for food) on a heat source e.g. oven

3) Put 1lb wax in and melt it into liquid.

4) Heat it to 185 degrees fahrenheit

5) Add in dye and stir

6) Remove saucepan from heat and add full bottle of fragrance oil

7) Stir thoroughly – 20 times clockwise, 20 times anticlockwise. Leave to cool.

8) Place 3 wicks in glue dacs and stick securely into the centre of each of the 3 candle containers.

9) Attach the wick to the wick bar and make sure its centered.

10) Once wax has cooled to 135 degrees fahrenheit, carefully pour the wax into the containers.

11) Let the candle cool overnight.

12) Trim the wick down to quarter of inch.

For more information, check out candle-making videos here.


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