Ostara and Ritual

Tomorrow is Ostara/ Alban Eiler/ the vernal equinox. I will be doing an Ostara Ritual at 11am which is when the Equinox occurs in the UK. I will use the format on the Ritual page (which I have updated a little today) but adding to the “Explanation” and “Workings” parts to create a ritual customised to this time.

When it reaches the “Explanation” section, I do the following…

Say: “As I stand here on this celebration of Ostara, the vernal equinox, as the sacred wheel of the year continues to turn. As my forebears did, I do now, and so may my descendants do in time to come. As the dark half of the year comes to a close at this time and nature shifts, the day and night are of equal length and balanced. From now on the sun triumphs over the darkness, bringing warmth and energy as we head towards summer. This is the time of Alban Eiler, the Light of the Earth, a feast to celebrate the renewal of life. The birds return from the southern lands bearing spring time beneath their wings. Nature has awoken, seeds are sprouting, tree buds are bursting, daffodils and flowers are blossoming, and birds and animals are preparing to have their young. I rejoice in the renewal of life.”

When it reaches the “Workings” section, I do the following….

“Cup the leaves of the central altar tree in your hands and say: “I walk the earth in friendship, not in dominance. Mother nature, instill within me through this plant a warmth for all living things. Teach me to revere the earth and all its treasures.”

Pick up some soil and place it against your forehead. Close your eyes and say: “I am blessed by the earth.” Put the soil back.

Pick up an egg and hold it hidden in your hands. Say: “As I hold in my hands the symbol of new life. I welcome the rebirth of nature. Let the earth come to life again!” Open your hands and place the egg on the altar.


I have also changed my altar a lot and redecorated..below is a picture of it ready for Alban Eiler…


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