Celebrating Ostara

Happy Ostara everyone. Also known as the Vernal Equinox or Alban Eiler (Light of the Earth), this day marks a time of balance, when day and night are of equal length. Until now the nights have been longer than the days, but from here on the days are longer and warmer as we head towards summer.

The vernal equinox is a day to celebrate the revival of life after a long cold winter. It is a time when birds are returning from their migrations, animals are giving birth to their young and all around us the world is turning green once again. It is a time when nature has officially woken up – the buds on trees are bursting, seeds are beginning to sprout up out of the ground, spring flowers are blossoming and there is a palpable sense of renewed life all around us.

It is traditional to celebrate this festival by giving chocolate eggs and sweets, painting eggs, planting new seeds and going for picnics and walks in nature. You can also decorate your altar with signs of spring – seeds, daffodils, eggs and symbols of baby animals like chicks, calves, rabbits and lambs. This year I forgot and planted my seeds last week so I won’t be doing that, however I have decorated my altar and I will be doing an Ostara Ritual, having a party with some friends and going for a walk in nature to search for signs of spring and to give an offering (soya milk and maple syrup mixed instead of a milk and honey mix). It is traditional to eat meals containing eggs and seasonal spring salads at this time however as a vegan I cannot do this. I will therefore be eating a meal of scrambled tofu (and alternative to scrambled eggs), pita bread and spring greens like spinach, spring onions and parsley. I will also have a rhubarb and strawberry smoothie as rhubarb is also in season now.

Hope you have a wonderful Ostara and enjoy the new life all around us.


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Ostara

  1. After a night of heavy wind and rain (and artillery practice), the sky is lightening as clouds break up…very much an Alban Eiler morning! Blessings to you on this day!

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