Celebrating the Full Moon – Plough Moon

Tonight is a full moon. I call this moon – Plough Moon. This is because there ground is being ploughed at this time ready for seeds to be planted for this years crops. There are many ways to celebrate a full moon – go to a local water source and watch the tides, eat circular foods, do a lunar ritual (see here) or look back on the last “lunar month” to review it and feel grateful for all that has happened. How will you be celebrating this evening?Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....



One thought on “Celebrating the Full Moon – Plough Moon

  1. We plowed/tilled last weekend, and likely will till again this weekend as I continue to prep the garden. Tonight…golden buttery pound cake and family plans to try getting our youngest son home for a few days before he leaves for Afghanistan.

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