Reverence for the Body 1

As Pantheists, we revere nature as sacred and divine. Science teaches us that our bodies are a part of nature and the implication of this is that our bodies should be revered as something sacred too. They are indeed Temples. Our first responsibility in life, as taught by the principles of natural selection is that of survival. If we want to survive, if we want to show reverence for our own bodies then we need to take care of ourselves, we need to keep our bodies well and pure – clean, healthy, well exercised e.t.c. Our bodies are not ours to treat how we like if we are Pantheists. We are part of the divine universe and we have a moral duty and responsibility to keep our bodies in top condition. That means taking an interest in health and nutrition as well as other aspects of well-being. It means not smoking or taking drugs and that we limit consumption of alcohol. It means we keep well rested and meditate to keep stress low. Most importantly it means we pay attention to our food intake. There are some brilliant scientists and doctors doing a lot of good research in the area of nutrition and the effect of what we eat on our bodies and health. People like Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr John Mcdougall. Have a watch of this video by Dr Fuhrman….




2 thoughts on “Reverence for the Body 1

  1. In my humble opinion if individual is destroying the health of their body they will be doing the same to the environment.

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