Beltane and Ritual

Tomorrow evening is Beltane, the feast of flowering. Normally I use the ritual outlined on my ritual page but as I joined ADF at the end of March, I will be doing an ADF style ritual using the Solitary Druid Fellowship‘s liturgy format. Because of this, I will not be doing any workings section but I will still need an “Explanation” part so if you do use the ritual format on my page, for the Explanation part please consider using the one below…

Say: “As I stand here on this celebration of Beltane, the sacred wheel of the year continues to turn. As my forebears did, I do now, and so may my descendants do in time to come. The dark half of the year is over and Summer has begun. The earth is alive and the land is fertile. Leaves are once more upon the trees, flowers are blooming all around and insects are searching for pollen. Warmth has returned and it is the season of love and passion, the time of fire. I give thanks for the blessings of the earth mother.”


5 thoughts on “Beltane and Ritual

  1. As a naturalist, how are you planning to deal with the Solitary Druid/ADF elements involving calling a gatekeeper and the like? I was tempted to give that ritual format a go, but couldn’t see a way around the goddy bits.

    • I’m just going to go with it. The gatekeeper is manannan which for me represents the ocean as I live very close to it . I also interpret “opening the gates” to mean opening gates into my mind/ subconscious rather than some supernatural place. I wont be honouring any specific “gods” and will just interpret the generic mention of “shining ones” as all the powers of the universe that are bigger than I am.

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