Celebrating Beltane

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Beltane eve everyone. In ancient times, this was a the time of “bright fire”, a great fire festival that signalled the end of the dark half of the year and the beginning of summer. It was a time of purification and renewal when families would clean out their homes, repair broken boundaries, relight their hearth fires and decorate their homes with flowers and boughs of hawthorn. Mid-point between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, it marked the end of the planting season and the beginning of the pastoral and growing season. Cattle would leave their winter buildings at this point and, after being driven between two bonfires for purification and blessing, would go out to the fields.

At this time, many flowers, including bluebells, are out, the butterflies and bees are looking for pollen, many trees have leaves on them now and the world around us is green and alive again. The land is fertile and the air is warm. It is a season of fertility, love, passion and fire.

It is traditional to celebrate this festival by having bonfires, dancing around maypoles, camping, spending the evening in the woods making love, wearing flowers in your hair, having a party and being romantic. It is a time to decorate our houses with flowers, dress in bright colours, eat seasonal foods like salads, make home-made lemonade and spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the blessings of Mother Nature.

hope you have a wonderful Beltane and don’t get up to anything too naughty ;). 


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