The Soft Fascination of Nature

A Short but Lovely Urban Nature Walk

(Photo credit: Madison Guy)

Hey everyone, I came across this really interesting article in the Ecologist about the benefits of Nature for humans. Here is an excerpt…

A walk in the park can calm and restore you. This is something we take for granted in parks and recreation, because we have known it to be true ever since we started spending time in nature. But new research reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine now provides scientific proof that walking in nature and spending time under leafy shade trees causes electro-chemical changes in the brain that can lead people to enter a highly beneficial state of “effortless attention.”

It’s very interesting and well worth a read. You can find the article here.

One thought on “The Soft Fascination of Nature

  1. Fascinating article, thank you for sharing it. I particularly agree with this:

    “It seems that the experience of being in nature is transformative in and of itself—it can cause a person’s emotional state to be uplifted and mental balance to be restored. Being in nature is truly refreshing in a very deep, meaningful way.”

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