Celebrating the Full Moon – Rose, Strawberry or Honey Moon

Tonight is a full moon. It is also a Super-moon this evening (it appears bigger and brighter than usual). This moon is usually called the rose moon, strawberry moon or honey moon because that is what is occurring in nature at this time. I haven’t noticed any roses out so far, although I have been feasting on strawberries recently and they are quite cheap at the moment suggesting they are ripe now. A definite sight this month has been the countless numbers of bees around gathering nectar so Honey Moon seems the most appropriate name at the moment. There are many ways to celebrate a full moon and I’ve listed many of them in my L is for Luna post hereFull Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....


One thought on “Celebrating the Full Moon – Rose, Strawberry or Honey Moon

  1. The roses are definitely in full bloom here this week, so good timing! We also usually have our first harvest of raspberries at this time, but they’re a bit late this year. I was too busy to celebrate the super-moon this year, but we did catch a great view of it on our way home from my father’s birthday dinner.

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