O is for Omniverse

As Naturalistic Pantheists we see the universe as “god”. But we are also completely supportive of science and must adapt our spirituality to scientific advances. With more and more scientists becoming open to the idea that there might be more than one universe, where does that leave us? “Pan” means all…but what if the universe isn’t all?

The idea of parallel universes is both awe inspiring and scary. It destroys yet more of our self importance about living in the “only universe” but it also opens up many new and exciting possibilities. It answers the very puzzling question of why our particular universe seems so fine tuned for life. If we look at the insights of string theory and other cutting edge scientific theories, which suggest there are more than one universe, we need to be updating our spirituality to meet this need.

This is where the concept of the “Omniverse” comes in. Omni means “all of existence.” It’s encompasses not just this universe but any others that might exist and anything outside of them. As Pantheists, it is not difficult to simply change from saying “the universe is divine” to “the Omniverse is divine”. This is one of the greatest advantages of Naturalistic Pantheist Spirituality, we can adapt as science does. For more information on the Omniverse, check out the Pantheism Today blog.

A few other interesting points – some scientists are hypothesising that the universe could even “give birth” to child universes through black holes. Perhaps universes evolve. None if this is proven but its an intriguing concept.

The other issue I’d like to raise is the issue of the Otherworld. Making a wild assumption that perhaps religions are right about some kind of otherworldly beings existing and somehow interacting with this universe, it would not be far-fetched to believe they were part of some alternative dimension/ universe that somehow is entwined with our own. Just a thought.


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