Celebrating the Full Moon – Thunder Moon

Tonight is a full moon. This year I am calling it Thunder Moon although this may be a one off. The reason is that the UK has been enjoying a lovely heatwave since the beginning of July but last night we had thunderstorms and they are predicted for tonight too. The hot weather is causing the storms so Thunder Moon seems appropriate. It doesn’t happen every year like this, but for some reason this year we are blessed. Other possible names for this moon include Hay Moon because of July’s hay harvest or Buck Moon as deer get new antlers at this time. There are many ways to celebrate a full moon and I’ve listed many of them in my L is for Luna post hereFull Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Full Moon – Thunder Moon

  1. The July moon is one of the few that I haven’t attached a name to – I like the Thunder Moon, I may use that myself! We haven’t yet had any thunder storms here, but they’re supposed to be on their way this week.

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