Wiccan Pantheism

I’ve been doing a lot of research into Wicca the last few weeks to see if there is anything I can learn from it, anything that would be useful as a Pantheist. I came across these two very interesting videos which give one version of the Wiccan view of deity and it is a very interesting Pantheistic worldview that incorporates several Pantheism’s into one. Have a watch and see what you think –


4 thoughts on “Wiccan Pantheism

  1. Interesting and informative. I have been interested in Wicca for many years. I love it’s imagery and it’s appreciation of the natural world, but always had a trouble with it’s polytheism, which confused me. At times the goddess would be the spirit of planet earth, then she would be related to the moon, at other times the whole cosmic initiator! I found this confusing! The video attempted to explain gods and goddesses as aspects of the ONE. Of course many Wiccans do believe in the deities as separate and individuals in their own right.

    • Wiccan religion is almost verbatim Hindu. Hindu also believe we are all one in a Pantheistic view that we live inside the mind of god, and they also worship various aspects of that god.

      Anyone who believes in separate deities is likely someone that read a book about Wiccan once and closed it halfway through the first chapter.

      Same is the belief of Buddhists.

      Even Hermes/Thoth stated so in The Kybalion “All is mind”

      We believe WE are parts of that ONE god, so imagining that one god as separate gods is highly silly. I would ignore any views from people suggesting that.

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