Human Superiority

Just watch…


5 thoughts on “Human Superiority

  1. Reblogged this on Set: Moments and commented:
    just makes you realize again : humans…lets be a bit more humble and greatful, we are just all part of thise huge planet full of life.

  2. A lovely story about Oscar the cat curling up with dying patients. I skipped through to the end, where the concluding comment seemed paradoxically and coldly mechanistic: “the human component is very new to this machine, lets see how long it can remain useful”. I don’t see how this kind of mechanistic language improves on Descartes. Personally I prefer elan vital! I did find the reflections on different species capabilities interesting though.

  3. I couldn’t find a way to edit the above once I’d posted it. Apologies if it sounds a bit grumpy! I found the ending quite a let down. Hopefully we can find room for very different approaches to animism. :).

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