Everything Happens For A Reason







6 thoughts on “Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. The phrase “Everything Happens For A Reason” reminds me of Christian defeatism. My mother wasn’t the most religious person – she grew up during the Depression years on a farm near Centralia, Washington (yes, not that far from you), and the local church she went to was whatever wandering revival was blowing through town. However, she converted to Catholocism when she married my father, and one of the things she absorbed from her indoctrination was the defeatist notion of divine will. When bad things happened, she tried to comfort me with the notion that it was “supposed to happen”. She used that to excuse the bullying I suffered as a child, and when I lost jobs or had other reverses as an adult. I’m really glad she didn’t trot that out when my wife died. Surprisingly, my mom was okay when I adopted NeoPaganism. Personally, if I’m going to accept any kind of a deity, I’d rather deal with capricious ones rather than a contradictory one.

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