New Name

Very quick update to say that it’s taking me longer than hoped to make the changes I want to on this blog. However, as its the first day of a new Solar year, I thought I’d announce a big change – the name of the blog from now on will no longer be “Naturalistic Pantheist Musings”, it will now be “Nature is Sacred.” When I asked myself what the essence of my spirituality actually is….that is the one line that came to me. No matter what spiritual paths or principles I explore, they all need to have their basis in that one fact. The World Pantheist Movement sums up its beliefs as “The Universe is Divine, the Earth is Sacred” and I have condensed that down further for the purposes of this blog to the simple title “Nature is Sacred.”

I will be keeping the same web address “” so if you have any links to my site, you don’t need to change them.


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