Happy New Year 2014

Hey everyone, happy new year! What an amazing year 2013 was. I want to start by saying thank you to all the followers and subscribers to this blog. 368 of you follow this blog by email and 323 follow it through WordPress. The blog receives over 3000 page hits a month (one month there were 5000 :0 ). It receives between 1100 and 1400 visitors a month. There are now 274 posts on the blog covering all sorts of subjects from celebrations to science videos, ethics to quotes. Looking back on 2013, the most successful posts are the pictures with quotes in so I will continue searching for them and posting them this year.

The theme for my blog this year is going to be sustainability and I hope to put up at least two posts a week on issues such as homesteading, permaculture, cob housing, herbalism, nutrition, green cleaning, green beauty, and just generally on living a more environmentally friendly and self sufficient life. I will also continue to post the pictures with quotes on and anything else I find that seems interesting. I am also making the changes I referred to in my post in early December. The site has received its new name and look. Hopefully the new festivals page will be put up over this weekend and the whole process sorted by the end of January.

Today is a new moon, a new lunar month begins as a new year begins.

Finally, this month’s animist blog carnival has gone live on Naturebum with the topic of Trees. Please go check it out.


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