This Thing Called Freedom

I’m sure most people are aware that behind the entertainment of the Sochi Olympics in Russia at the moment, there is something terrible going on. Russia has recently been passing several laws that persecute gay people in the country, their media are whipping up homophobia and vigilantism against gay people in Russia is at terrifying levels.

But this is not the only country where gay people still don’t have basic human rights. In many countries of the world, being gay means imprisonment and even death.

Freedom is a precious thing. We must always fight to protect it. Just because we make an advance in one area, doesn’t mean the direction of travel will always be in one direction. Freedom can be lost much easier than it is gained. And freedom should mean freedom for all people, not just for some.

We have a duty to stand up for the oppressed. What can we do as a community? What can we do as individuals?


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