The Hobbies of a Pagan Pantheist

Hobbies. We all have them. They are very important ways to relax and spend our leisure time. But what are the hobbies that are most likely to help us connect with Nature and the world around us. I’d like to suggest some. This list is by no means exhaustive but is a good start.

Gardening –

Gardening is an important hobby for Pagans as it literally connects us with the very soil around us. It connects us with our food and with the cycles of the seasons as we learn when things grow, how to make things grow and if we are growing our own food, we get to experience nature’s abundance first hand – locally. It tunes us in to mother nature’s rhythms.

Bird Watching –

Bird Watching or any similar type of nature observation is an important hobby for Pagans and Pantheists as we can learn about the other living creatures around us, we can learn to respect them and see them in their glory. We become more observant and can find a closer connection with nature.

Bushcraft –

Bushcraft connects us not only with nature but also our ancestors. It forces us to get back to basics and learn what is truly important in life. It makes us realise our inter-connectedness with the natural world and forces us to become acquainted with the plants, trees, animals and landscape features of our local area.

Astronomy –

Space, the final frontier ;). Astronomy is vitally important for teaching us to look outside ourselves, to wonder, to be in awe, to understand the divine universe that we are a part of. It teaches us the history of our universe – where we came from and where we might be going. It teaches us that we are made of star stuff. It teaches us the stories our ancestors told about the divine.

What hobbies do you think are best for a Pagan/ Pantheist?


2 thoughts on “The Hobbies of a Pagan Pantheist

  1. Every craft is ideal for a pagan/pantheist, because we’re all still humans and members of society. That said, I think creative hobbies (sewing, knitting, metalworking, etc.) are great for supporting the spiritual and literal creativity in each of us; we can both demonstrate the colors of our souls externally for others AND provide goods and services in trade or as a benefit to our communities.

  2. I spend a lot of time pottering about the garden and seeing what wildlife I can spot. Hiking and camping would be my other two ‘getting back to nature’ hobbies. As well as that, I would add reading, especially science. It’s important to learn how nature works!

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