Animist Blog Carnival: Call for Submissions

Hey everyone,

For June the Animist Blog Carnival comes back to this site. Each month a different blogger hosts it and this month the subject is Animism and Health. If you wish to contribute then please get in contact with me at The deadline is this Saturday (31st May).

The guidelines are:

ABC Contributor Guidelines (from Eaarth Animist)

  1. Write an essay, poem, memoir, conduct an interview, etc about the month’s theme. Or film a song or photograph an image or art piece that is about the theme. You can contribute old writing/art.
  2. Please in the interest of accessibility, have no flashing images in case people have seizures (like me) and use easy to read font (serif is easiest to read for many people than sans serif because the letters are more pronounced, so if someone was learning English, has poor sight, or is low literate, serif can help, but any basic font is good). I used to get tons of shit from differently abled readers of my old blog due to the colors. Have solid contrast between black or dark color texts and a very light color or white background. White text on black tends to hurt most readers’ eyes, as does having images behind the font. If you have images, in the caption please describe the image for those whose computers read to them especially if the image is important. Do not use words like “dumb” “deaf” “blind” “lame” and other words about a disability as insults.
  3. Of course do not use “gay” as an insult. The word “tranny” is very disrespectful.
  4. Post on your blog with a link to the month’s hosting blog and a link to the ABC HQ.
  5. Send link to your post to that month’s host by three days before of 1st of the month.
  6. No hate literature, cultural misappropriation or attacks on specific people will be allowed. Openly, respectfully disagreeing with people is fine – attacking someone as a person is not. Critical thinking is fine, blanket statements of hatred that support violence on a targeted group are not. Anyone writing about their personal practice which uses parts of indigenous culture without the person being in the culture is cultural misappropriation. So is using another culture as a Fantasy Model of Perfection, Those attitudes are disrespectful and replace personhood with the generic Other filled with our projections. Animism is rooted in learning who persons are without assumptions, be they valleys, landfills, red wigglers or other humans.
  7. Respect the deadline. It takes time to lay out the ABC and the month’s host probably also has a life offline non-ABC related, so they deserve the time to do their best. Getting it in “last minute” is often not an option.

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