Some updates

Hey everyone,

So I am just going to do a random post today on various updates.

Earlier this month I joined the British Druid Order. While I am still part of ADF, I want to explore different aspects of Druidry and after contemplating long and hard between OBOD and BDO, I decided BDO ‘s course looked better and had more information/ historical basis.

I have also been doing some crafty things recently and as you can see below, today I made my own runes (Anglo-Saxon Futhorc) and rune bag.


Lammas was quite a creative time too. I picked some blackberries and made the most amazing Blackberry Jam i’ve ever tasted…

20140731_203628I also made some home made bread (came out a little wonky though)…

20140731_231243The Mead I started back on the summer solstice was ready (albeit not really sweet enough for my tastes) but it went down well and we drank a gallon between us at the party…

20140731_205509I also went Bilberry/ Whortleberry picking (British version of Blueberries) at Foggintor Quarry on Dartmoor…

20140802_180242Today I attempted to make some Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) which should be ready in time for the Autumnal Equinox. I’ll post photos once I see if it worked.

Finally, I came across this lovely song from Lord of the Rings this week and I absolutely love it so here it is –


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