Wild Food Harvest 23rd Aug 2014

So, I went out and found a nice harvest of local wild foods growing. I’ll be turning them into remedies, jams and alcohol over next few days. Hopefully will find some apples and blackberry leaves tomorrow to add to the collection.

Here’s what I found…

Hawthorn Berries – these will make a good tonic for heart problems and/ or colds….

20140823_155914Elder Berries – there are only a few as they aren’t really ripe yet. I’ll go looking again in a week or two. Elderberries make a brilliant antidote that is apparently better than tamiflu for fighting the flu (and heals you quicker)…


Rowan Berries – these are full of vitamin C and A, and the juice can be gargled for sore throats. They are good for digestive problems. I shall make a Rowan Berry marmelade…


Rosehips – again only a few as many still need to ripen for a few weeks. These are great sources of vitamin C…


Sloe Berries – these are for making Gin and contain lots of vitamin C. The leaves can help soothe throat ailments such as laryngitis and tonsilitis…


Yarrow – not a berry, this can be used as a tea, or to reduce insects if put in a wardrobe. It is anti inflammatory and boost circulation…



One thought on “Wild Food Harvest 23rd Aug 2014

  1. Have been loving your foraging posts, especially since I have been in the thick of it myself too! So interesting to see what folks in other bioregions are up to. I’m trying my hand at pickling russulas this year — a Norwegian recipe, a Russian recipe & a Polish recipe — not really sure how I feel about that since I don’t like pickles or kimchi, but we’ll see.
    Oh, on the rosehips. If you have a sizable quantity, you can make a great rosehip butter. Simply divine, but takes a few days to cook down. 😉

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