Sloe Gin, Hawthorn Berry Syrup and Rosehip Tea

So today I’ve spent my time getting creative and making some Sloe Gin, Hawthorn Berry Syrup and Rosehip Tea.

Sloe Gin

First take 400g of Sloe Berries – ideally a bit riper than mine..


Split a 70cl bottle of cheap gin into two bottles equally and half the berries to each bottle…


Next add 200g of sugar…


The finished product – store for 2 months. Mine should be ready in time for Samhain!


Rose hip Tea

Making Rose hip tea is very easy.

First get 10 fresh rose hips. Cut the ends off and cut them in half with scissors. Use a small spoon to remove the seeds and hairs (an irritant) from inside. Next put them in a pan with a cup of water and start heating up. When it boils, turn the heat down to a simmer for 20 minutes. It tastes delicious…



Hawthorn Berry Syrup

Start by heating up your hawthorn berries in a pan until boiling (1 cup berries to 3 cups water), then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. The berries should lose their colour…


Next mash the berries until they cant be mashed anymore…


Now put some muslin/ cheese cloth in a sieve….


Pour the Berry mixture through the cloth and sieve in order to collect the liquid in a pan below. Use a masher to squeeze the liquid through…


Add the final ingredient – honey (1 cup for each cup of berries used) and stir until one consistency…


The liquid should look like this…


Now use a funnel to pour it into sterilised jars…


The final product – 4 lovely jars of hawthorn berry syrup. Great for the heart, lowering blood pressure or a vitamin C boost to ward off colds. It will keep for 3 months…



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