So today I have went for a day out walking on Dartmoor. If anyone has seen the film Earth Pilgrim by Satish Kumar, you will know he refers to his visits to Dartmoor as a pilgrimage. There are good reasons why. Heading up to that barren landscape dotted with million year old rocks surrounded by heather and gorse as far as the eye can see, it feels like you are entering another world – a spiritual place. Man has lived and worked on Dartmoor since at least the bronze age and so the land contains the memories of many ancestors. The moors are dotted with rivers, sacred places to honour the deity that is nature.

For me, my trips to Dartmoor are a pilgrimage – a way to learn about, honour and explore nature, quite often in a wild state. Climbing the rocks is a prayer, paddling in streams is a meditation and walking the expanses is worship.

Do you have any favourite wild places you visit as a pilgrimage, to honour the natural world around us?

Here’s a couple of photos from my pilgrimage today…

20140831_130333 - Copy 20140831_130400 20140831_131950 20140831_133028 - Copy 20140831_135935 20140831_13593720140831_135941 20140831_151424 20140831_151430 20140831_151449 20140831_151456 20140831_153931 20140831_154938 20140831_170355 - Copy

Finally, here is a nice video about Dartmoor…


2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. Dartmore is such a beautiful place and you have captured it wonderfully, in the piece you have written and those lovely photos.

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