Can ancient Greek philosophy improve your life?

Last year I wrote about the research project by Exeter University on applying the Ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism to our modern lives. Over 2400 people took part in their #StoicWeek and the feedback was that it did help people. I found it a great benefit to myself too. Next week the 2014 StoicWeek begins and you can all take part. There is no cost and it’s not a great commitment but by the end of the week you’ll be able to see if Stoicism has anything to offer your life.

You can find all the information you need here –

I encourage every reader of this blog to sign up and see how it will benefit you.

For more information about my experience last year, see here.




One thought on “Can ancient Greek philosophy improve your life?

  1. I first read about a combination of Druidry and Stoicism several years ago on a blog that seems to not exist anymore. I thought at the time that the mixture was an interesting idea – Posidonius would likely have approved, and this idea more than anything convinced me to give it a try (for those who aren’t familiar with Posidonius, he was one of the first known Stoics to embrace Plato’s view that passions were an inherent part of the human soul, and taught that the study of ethics gave us the means to govern our passions more appropriately). After trying it, I determined to stay with it and progress along my path with it. I think Posidonius would have made for a wonderful Druid, indeed … it is why he made it to my link list in my own blog.

    I can only second the voices that encourage people to study Stoic philosophy, and find ways to incorporate it into their daily practices. Contrary to popular misconception, Stoicism does not involve the denial of emotions: it is, from my experience, perhaps one of the most human explorations of emotion and passion I have ever encountered.

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