A Pantheist/ Pagan Exercise Regime?

It’s early January and most people will have new years resolutions to get fit. so here are two ideas that might fit with our Pantheist/ Pagan religious leanings –

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “A Pantheist/ Pagan Exercise Regime?

  1. I have done workouts similar to this (though not quite at the level shown in these videos) when I was younger. Obviously it takes a tremendous amount of skill and strength to do this. It is not also something you can do when you get older. Too much risk versus reward.

    I think elements of this can be incorporated in any routine with less risk and not requiring such a high skill level.

    Do your workout outdoors. No pounding the treadmill or hitting the exercise machines.

    Incorporate a lot of variety. I think the Swedish fartlek running technique can be done at all skill levels. It involves running over varied terrain at difference speeds – fast, slow, and even some walking. How fast and how much walking can be adapted to your fitness level. You can add body weight exercises into it too. The same general approach could done with swimming or cycling or cross country skiing.

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