I don’t often write on here about issue of gay rights, but this is something I feel particularly passionate about. LGBT people in Uganda are facing a particularly difficult time at the moment and that needs to change. It’s often hard to work out what we can do in the face of terrible events in other countries, but here is a positive way in which we can help LGBT people in Uganda who are facing severe persecution right now.

Below are three videos. The first two highlight the situation in Uganda in case you weren’t aware of it. The third suggests a way forward – help to fund the second edition of a magazine that shares LGBT people’s stories and I believe can help to transform the debate in Uganda. This is one small way we in the west can help to  a) make up for the fact that it is westerners who caused this problem and b) can help to undermine the negative homophobic message within Uganda. Please Please consider donating a small amount to the Kickstarter campaign.

Please go here to donate to the campaign.


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