Through the Books Series

booksIt is said that Heathenry is the “religion with homework” and it is true that there is a lot of reading to do to follow learn the lore, worldview and practices of the Anglo-Saxon Pagan path. Evidence needs to be gathered from sources across the Norse, Icelandic, Anglo Saxon and Germanic world to help one create a practice that is inspired by our ancestors. In pursuit of this aim, I have decided to start a new series of blogs called “Through the Books” in which I will read and then write about each chapter in a variety of books on Anglo Saxon and Norse Paganism. I don’t want to regurgitate what the authors say, but simply to set out their key arguments or facts, my views on these things and how we can apply it to our worldview and practice. I am hoping this will help encourage me to read the books more and for the information to stick in my mind. And hopefully you, as readers of this blog, will also find it interesting and intellectually stimulating. I am going to begin with two  books by Alaric Albertsson – “Travels Through Middle Earth” and “Wyrdworking: Path of a Saxon Sorcerer.” I hope to do this process with around 20 books so it’s probably going to be a good year or more of blog posts. The first one should be out over the next few days….hopefully.


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