Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Matty, and I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK.

Over the past five years, since leaving the Christian faith of my youth, I have charted my spiritual journey on this blog. I went from being an Atheist to a Naturalistic Pantheist then to a Pagan. I still consider myself a Pantheist and a Pagan. In particular my interest has been in Druidry and I am a member of ADF, OBOD and the British Druid Order. Over the past few years I have also become more interested in Heathenry and I now call myself an Anglo-Saxon Druid, because I combine elements of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry with Celtic Animistic Druidry to create my path.

What does that mean exactly? It means that I honour my ancestors, the spirits of nature and the Anglo-Saxon gods. I brew mead to drink and give to the Kindreds as offerings. I consult the runes in divination and maintain an altar for the Kindreds when I am at home. I research and learn about the natural world around me and I celebrate the eight festivals of the Pagan year. I am a member of the UK Green Party and I seek to live an ethical and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

I hope you will join me in this journey and you can do so by following this blog or connecting with me on social media (using the links on the right).



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    • You and me both Paul. Its refreshing to see someone who is fully evolving into the spirit of what loving nature and the planet really means. To me that means doing everything possible to nurture nature and reduce your carbon footprint, while protecting and respecting all of our animal life, in every way that you possibly can. Be selfless.

  1. I am rather new to WordPress and I am so delighted to have found your blog. What a plethora of knowledge! I always knew I was most comfortable surrounded by the beauty of nature and the intangible touch rendered, but I had no idea I was actually a “Naturalistic Pantheist” – It took 51 years and your blog for me to ‘place’ myself. ~~LL

  2. ‘Naturalistic Pantheism is a way of life that fuses together spirituality and science, humans and nature. It has two central tenets – The Universe is Divine and the Earth is Sacred. Naturalistic/ Scientific Pantheism does not believe in any supernatural elements but believes that the beauty, majesty and creativity of the Universe is the proper focus for our reverence, awe and wonder in life. There is something greater than ourselves, it is Nature.’

    This statement hold the words i have been trying to find letter by letter to explain this feeling that i have had within me for a long time. I am so glad my friend told me about your site, I finally have words to describe my philosophy on life.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve just happened upon your blog and would like to say that it is a rather brilliant articulation of a philosophy I share. I’m an atheist who has just started training to be a Druid with OBOD, and I am very interested in how we can develop a spiritual relationship with nature without having to believe in gods and the like. I look forward to reading more!

  4. Hey, I just found your site a little while ago and have been browsing it, but I’ve got a question. Where do the Gods fit in, for you? I see no mention of them in your ethics, or principles, or anything, and yet, I see posts about the Horned God, about Brigid, etc.

    Are they archetypes, or conduits to the universe, or what?

    (I’m in the middle of trying to resolve the science vs faith debate for myself, and struggling. I’m interested in seeing what other folks have to say.)


    • The honest answer is that I don’t really fit them in much at all. I don’t believe in any supernatural god nor any type of physical thinking entities as most people would think of gods. Rather than use the word “gods” I would use the word “powers” referring to the powers of nature or human nature e.g. rain is a power, the ocean is a power, love is a power, anger is a power, electricity is a power e.t.c. Sometimes I will call them a name and personify them e.g. call the moon luna, in order to help me feel connected and to acknowledge that they are bigger than me, but I do not believe they are literally “gods” or in any way conscious/ thinking. So I see the “gods” as the powers of nature and human nature that are bigger than myself and affect my life. If that makes sense?

      • No, I totally get it. That’s how I use them, too. The sea is Posideon, Healing is Apollon, etc. Well, that’s how I try to, anyhow. I struggle with the concept because I am a scientist, and I grew up without religion, but I see people content in their pantheons and part of me wants that too. That’s where the struggle is.

        Mostly though, I’m content to just worship nature as it is, because it is in and of itself something worth worshipping.

        I’d actually never heard the term Naturalistic pagan or Humanistic pagan until just recently, and I’m exploring it to see if it fits for me. I find I agree with nearly all of it – the supernatural doesn’t really do it for me, and it’s always felt a bit fake, but I like celebrating the seasons, and I like giving offerings, and lighting candles to the Divine (or cosmic universe, whatever that ‘bigger than myself’ feeling is that I can’t define very well)

  5. Your thoughts/ words express my spirituality. It is heartwarming to find others like me. Thank you. Do you mind me asking where you are located?

  6. Ugh. Guess sharing a ritual would be out of the question. I am in NE USA. Can you point me in the direction of any likeminded people in my neck of the woods?

  7. Interesting blog here. I teach courses presenting a naturalistic approach to spirituality though I am a non-theist. As a former minister and chaplain, I see opportunities to build bridges with theists by focusing on Nature especially in the writings of Muir, Burroughs and of course Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman (I’ve written books on each). I wish you well with this blog and hope you’ll visit http://www.secularchaplain.wordpress.com.

  8. As a former solitary wiccan I stumbled on these beliefs accidentally. I had abandoned the notion of “gods” and fully embraced the the spirit within, both unifying and individually. Nice to discover others have, too.

    • Alot of nations have embraced nature as the.religion. worshipping the earth there is peace in your spirit. The envy of others you will feel in your spirit worship the sky esrth and components.

      • There are other gods. Its their envy.and greed thst causes the worlds problems. Think only.of yourself.

  9. Hey naturalpantheist
    Your Principles page is a direct and identical copy of the World Pantheist Movement Statement of Principles http://www.pantheism.net/manifest.htm
    Please state this clearly and prominently on that page and provide a direct link underneath it to http://www.pantheism.net
    Parts of your “About” page are also direct quotes from the World Pantheist Movement site, also not acknowledged there – please insert the acknowledgment and a link to http://www.pantheism.net

  10. So glad to have found your blog.

    I have been an avid fan of natural, and even more into exploring the spiritual connections with Nature and of All things for a number of years. I travel the shamanic path seeking answers that no church will ever tell.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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