I don’t often write on here about issue of gay rights, but this is something I feel particularly passionate about. LGBT people in Uganda are facing a particularly difficult time at the moment and that needs to change. It’s often hard to work out what we can do in the face of terrible events in other countries, but here is a positive way in which we can help LGBT people in Uganda who are facing severe persecution right now.

Below are three videos. The first two highlight the situation in Uganda in case you weren’t aware of it. The third suggests a way forward – help to fund the second edition of a magazine that shares LGBT people’s stories and I believe can help to transform the debate in Uganda. This is one small way we in the west can help to  a) make up for the fact that it is westerners who caused this problem and b) can help to undermine the negative homophobic message within Uganda. Please Please consider donating a small amount to the Kickstarter campaign.

Please go here to donate to the campaign.

Here we go again….

For goodness sake people! Why do I have to give another rant on this issue? It’s only been six months since I told you to stop it! Who’s silly idea was it to start a series of blog posts on Patheos called “Why I’m “still” a Pagan?” All it’s done is spark an argument between some usually very thoughtful and intelligent people and they seem to be coming up with reasons not to stay a Pagan! We’ve got Wiccans complaining the definition of Paganism is apparently changing, Humanists complaining that Theists are full of wishful thinking and Polytheists calling Humanists “gadfly’s.” Outside of this current spat, there are Hard Polytheists claiming they are some kind of persecuted minority in Paganism now or that they don’t like being in the same religion as Wiccans so therefore don’t want to use the Pagan label anymore. Oh boo hoo! You’re all Pagans! You’re not a persecuted minority within Paganism! And neither Humanists nor Polytheists are persecuting each other. Paganism is a big tent which covers everything from Hard Polytheist Reconstructionists to Humanistic Monists to Wiccan Pantheists. Heathen, Druid, Wiccan, Hellenic, Religio Romana, Religious Naturalists – you are all Pagans! And it’s good that we can all fit in this tent. There is much more that we share in common than there are differences between us. And we need each other – to learn from, to organise with, to have a decent voice in society.  And who cares if there’s a bit of “woo” in the religion – most religions have that. You don’t find Christian fundamentalists claiming they’re no longer Christian because there are Catholics within Christianity, or Theravadan Buddhists claiming they don’t want to be called Buddhists anymore because the Tibetans include some magical practices. Come on people, grow up! And stop this silly insult battle before people’s feelings get genuinely hurt and someone does decide to leave.